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My Media Round Up This Week

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That's me standing off to the right (with a 60 Minutes cameraman in the foreground) and Saleh is in the center of the action.

Now, I'm not trying to stand out here but I am somehow towering over everyone just about.

New York- I had kind of a busy week with (background) appearances on PBS Frontline on Tuesday with Canadian journalist Martin Smith’s interview with Amrullah Saleh where they wove in shots from the fourth annual Jamestown terrorism conference at the National Press Club back in December and Thursday on CNN, again at the Press Club for the debut of the Pearl Project report in a story titled “Who Really Killed Daniel Pearl?” As someone who’s existed in journalism’s underground for the better part of the last decade, this is more exposure than I often have within the course of a few days. Here are a few frame grabs from the stories and the videos themselves. One day I’m gonna show this world a thing or two…

Written by derekhenryflood

January 21st, 2011 at 4:21 pm