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The Lifeline

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Picture 4Picture 6Abu Dhabi, UAE- My friend Phil Stebbing, celebrated British filmmaker and luminary in the Kabul expat scene, has launched a project called The Lifeline. The Lifeline is a three team documentary project with a global scope where the separate crews will travel from New York to Buenos Airies, London to Capetown, and Sydney to Tokyo respectively, documenting local sustainability projects among a wide array of communities. These three classic overland/water trips are ones I have always wanted to do but have been to caught up in the here and now of the global war on terror to get involved in. The environment, more specifically the globalization of environmental catastrophe and the shared burden this phenomenon brings, is the most important issue that has ever confronted mankind. Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine act as distractions while they entire earth burns in the biggest of all pictures. While for most people war is the near and the immediate, it is the decaying of our environment, which has always been portrayed as the far and distant, that is humanity’s gravest concern. The environment is here and now and it needs a lifeline.

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November 10th, 2009 at 12:01 pm

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