The hulking Stalin statue in his birthplace of Gori, Georgia as seen in 2009 before it was torn down. ©2009 Derek Henry Flood

New York-During the global lockdown I contributed to the Bristol, UK-based Noiser Podcasts series Real Dictators about the lesser known aspects of some of the most flamboyant, brutal 20th century strongmen who ruled vast swathes of our troubled world. Below is the chronological anthology of episodes I appeared on in 2020-2022.

Author’s note: I was not featured in part 2 of this particular episode.

Anti-Gaddafi graffiti I documented in Benghazi, Libya on 1 March 2011. ©Derek Henry Flood

In the summer of 2022 I appeared on a Twitter Spaces panel on The Redline Podcast about the then dire situation in Pakistan saddled by devastating floods and intense drama over the political fate of former PM Khan.