A Tether of Terror in Tennessee

Chattanooga- During this all too long and winding year hemmed within the continental United States, I have done my best to make things interesting by exploring the recent history of what is around me. Nearly two decades of the terror wars have affected America in width and breadth not fully thought out by the wars’ early neoconservative architects. Sunni salafi-jihadi terrorism has long since become enmeshed in our cultural landscape of intermittent tragedy akin to school shootings. It’s just something that happens. Violence has a way of becoming normalised when it occurs with disturbing regularity.

The attack began here at approximately 10:45 on 16 July 2015 when Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez began spraying this office with bullets at a strip mall on Lee Highway here in Chattanooga. ©2020 Derek Henry Flood

Abdulazeez then drove to this Navy and Marine centre located within the Tennessee Riverpark near downtown Chattanooga killing four marines and injuring one sailor who succumbed to his injuries two days on. ©2020 Derek Henry Flood