Libyan-Egyptian Border ‘Open’

New York- An NBC News reporter is somehow texting (though he says there’s no cell service?) from the port city of Tobruk where an editor in London is posting the texts on Twitter. The border between Egypt’s Western desert and far eastern Libya is reportedly open and it is possible to drive to Tobruk, an ancient deep harbor port 150 kilometres from the Egyptian border that has existed since the Greco-Roman classical era. According to a Malian BBC journalist, fighters from Niger, Chad, and Mali, (al-Qaddafi’s ‘Islamic Legions???’) are fighting on behalf of al-Qaddafi against Libyan agitators. This scenario seems to happens to every permanently ‘revolutionary’ regime: it becomes the victim of another revolution, a demographic and economic one that the ‘revolutionary’ old man never saw coming. Al-Qaddafi evoked an image of Michael Jackson at a Santa Barbara courthouse rocking an umbrella for no apparent reason and in the dark of night no less. He gave a speech in a fully thrashed government building making him more mad than the gipper could have ever dreamed. The indigenously-led Arab revolutions are the true “cemetery of neocon dreams.” The rapid defection of the Libyan diplomatic corps is par for the course.

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